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Educating minorities and at-risk communities on mental health

It is my mission to promote a healthy lifestyle and easy-to-use resources for minority communities so they can revolutionize their life with positive mental health resources and therapy services.


Myths Around Therapy & Mental Health Services

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Therapy is only for rich people and the best results come from only the best of the best doctors.
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I can only seek therapy if I feel there is something wrong such as anxiety or depression.
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Having a mental health disorder means that I need to be medicated.
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Mental Health Forecast™

Discover Your Mental Health Roadmap

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Take our free Mental Health Forecast quiz to determine which therapy services or next steps are important for you to start your mental health journey with!


Your Life & Mental Health With Therapy

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Therapy is for everyone no matter their walk of life, income level, or reputation. You don't have to have the "best of the best" doctors to achieve mental peace, however, you must be willing to do the work to achieve mental stability.

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In full transparency, it's best to have a few preventative therapy sessions so when you feel symptoms of depression or anxiety, you have a provider that you trust to work through your anxiety, depression, or overall mental illnesses with.

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Medication isn't always the answer, however, some mental illnesses are easier to manage than others with medicine. Be open with your provider on your thoughts or fears around medication for any diagnosed or undiagnosed mental disorders.

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Dr. Tiara Watford is a licensed clinical social worker practicing in North Carolina and Virginia. Dr. Watford received her Bachelors of Social Work from Elizabeth City State University, Masters of Social Work specializing in Children and Families from Fayetteville State University, and her Doctorate of Social Work specializing in Professional Development and Leadership from Capella University. Dr. Watford strives to provide mental health services to people from all walks of life with the comfortability to address their mental challenges, gain tools to cope with their mental challenges, and work towards mental healing.


Dr. Watford genuinely enjoys making a difference in the lives of others and within her community. Dr. Watford uses her past challenges such as overcoming childhood obstacles, domestic violence, parenting a child with special needs, and much more to inspire others not to allow what life throws your way to hinder you from reaching your goals. 


Despite her life obstacles, Dr. Watford used her platform to allow others to Get Inspired with Tiara. This brand inspires so many individuals to face their challenges, put in work to overcome those challenges, and reach their fullest potential. Her continuous goal is to continue reaching out to minority and rural communities to break the stigma associated with mental illness. 

Tiara Watford


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